Hors D' Oeuvers Menu


Chicken Tenders with Sauce  $.95 each
Chicken Wings with Sauce $.95 each
Dolmathes (100 stuffed grape leaves) $95.00
Stuffed Mushrooms $1.00 each
Shrimp Cocktail with Shrimp Sauce $1.25 each
Deviled Eggs $.50 each
Mini Cimichanga with Mild Salsa $1.50 each
Ham & Cheese wrapped in filo dough $.75 each
Five cheese filo wraps $.75 each
Brie with raspberries & almonds filo wraps $1.00 each
Mushroom‚ onion & cheese filo wraps $.75 each
Sapnokopita (spinach pie – 70 piece tray) $65.00
100 Greek Style Meatballs in Spaghetti Sauce with parmesan cheese $65.00
Mini Sandwiches $1.00 each
(Tuna Salad‚ Chicken Salad‚ Ham & Cheese‚ Turkey & Cheese)
Monterrey Jack Shrimp Jammers $1.00 each
Crab Slammers (with crab‚ couda & jalapenos) $1.25 each
Assorted Eggrolls ) $1.25 each
Roulades - exotic stuffed wrap sliced on a bias - approx 12 slices per $10.00 each
Vegetable tray with Ranch dip $45.00
Three Cheese tray with crackers $45.00
Fresh Fruit tray with crackers $45.00
Fruit Punch Bowl (two gallons) $25.00
Chips & Pretzels $20.00
This is not an exhaustive list. We can prepare most anything that you may desire. If you have any questions‚ call or email us. You can also submit an order form. We look forward to working with you.